Activism – Gaza Rally, Hong Kong


On January 11th, 2009, I joined Deena Guzder at the Hong Kong demonstration against Israel’s war crimes in Gaza.

Activism - Gaza Protest 11.1 (3) Activism - Gaza Protest 11.1 (8)

Activism - Gaza Protest 11.1 (6) Activism - Gaza Protest 11.1 (10)

Here is a news story from the local Standard.

Below is the speech I gave at the Amnesty International demonstration a week later…

Israel’s own Intelligence and Terrorism Centre has admitted that Hamas itself did not fire any rockets during the ceasefire last year. Since 2005, rockets launched from Gaza have killed 12 Israelis in total. Despite these facts, Israel itself broke the ceasefire and embarked upon a massive, disproportionate attack on the occupied territory killing over 1,200 Palestinians – a third, children and young people.

Israel’s repeated bombing of UN schools, its bombing of a UN refugee camp, its use of white phosphorous and other illegal weapons, the 1-ton bomb dropped on a building to kill one man (wiping out all his family), its preventing the Red Cross from reaching starving children for 4 days are all proof that the Israel’s pledge to avoid civilian casualties is a fiction.