Activism – HK-GZ High Speed Rail Link


Thousands of protesters gathered for several days and weeks outside of HK’s LEGCO building in largely peaceful demonstrations against the construction of a high-speed rail link to Guangzhou.

The project is the most expensive rail project in the world (HK$66.9 billion) and would involve the needless destruction of countryside and villages in the New Territories, despite there already being rail and road links to the mainland city. Further, a new link would only cut the current two-hour journey time by around 20-30 minutes, as it would terminate 15 metro stations away from the city centre. In a prime example of unlected officials putting profit before people, the legistlation passed on 16.1.10 amdist heavy protest in the surrounding Statue Square in Central.

See the Wikipedia for more on the rail link and the impact of the ‘Post-80s‘ generation and their

Press stories:

GZ Rail Link Protest - 16.1 GZ Rail Link Protest - 16.1 (3)

GZ Rail Link Protest - 16.1 (2) IMG_5376

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Activism – Annual Democracy Rally, Hong Kong


I attended the 2009 annual democracy rally in Hong Kong in the wake of Donald Tsang suggesting that he “represents” Hong Kong people in suggesting the events of June 4th, 1989 should be considered in light of the subsequent ‘economic progress’ China has made…

Activism - Democracy rally, Apple Daily 2.7.09 – Apple Daily – click to view

Contrary to what the newspaper says in Cantonese, I did not swear or try to speak Chinese during the protest.