Activism – Annual Democracy Rally, Hong Kong


I attended the 2009 annual democracy rally in Hong Kong in the wake of Donald Tsang suggesting that he “represents” Hong Kong people in suggesting the events of June 4th, 1989 should be considered in light of the subsequent ‘economic progress’ China has made…

Activism - Democracy rally, Apple Daily 2.7.09 – Apple Daily – click to view

Contrary to what the newspaper says in Cantonese, I did not swear or try to speak Chinese during the protest.

Activism – Letter to ATV


The media’s choice of words and how they present facts can affect a whole story. One man’s freedom fighter in indeed another man’s terrorist, and it’s important TV news and press get it right. It seems that, in a fit of over-cautiousness, ATV got it wrong this week when they used ‘allegedly’ in describing the deaths of Tiananmen Square activists.

This is a term usually thrown in to protect news teams from prosecution, usually during ongoing cases, but the Beijing crackdown occurred in 1989 and many of the facts are quite clear.

Here are the BBC’s ethical guidelines:

I wasn’t expecting a reply from ATV, so just emailed off a short rant. I received a surprising response a few days later…


I noticed some of the language used in your report on legislators visiting Guangdong (17/5/09). I was confused by your use of the word ‘allegedly’ when describing the deaths of students at the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown.

Is this a suggestion that there is somehow ambiguity surrounding the fact that protesters were killed. I understood that outside of the mainland, this is a simply a given fact?

Tom Grundy.

Activism – Letter in The Standard


Printed on the letters page of The Standard 21.5.09

What an offensive article by Mary Ma (“Ripe for new political bananas,” The Standard, May 15). Let bygones be bygones? Tell that to the Tiananmen Mothers or the thousands of Hongkoners who are here because they had fled the regime over the border. No-one has received justice for the Chinese Communist Party’s brutal oppression in 1989.

It is the same party, made up of some of the same people that instigated the massacre – what is to say it couldn’t happen again? Certainly, they have never admitted responsibility or apologised. Being the only place in China where self-expression is tolerated, we are morally obligated to ensure the crackdown is never forgotten, and is taught properly in schools.


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