Quiz Shows – Tom on Dirty Rotten Cheater


Recorded at Maidstone studios in June 2007, my episode of ‘Dirty Rotten Cheater’ was broadcast in November of the same year.

I’d hope it may be obvious from my terrible banter in the video that – based on past experience – I never thought I’d get as far as I did!

Also, eagle-eyed viewers may notice the disappearance of fellow-contestant Lynn who should’ve been in ‘Loser Lounge’ at the end. This was due to the fact that – unbelievably – she barged out of the studio shortly after being voted off, thus thwarting her prospects of winning £250! …Suffice to say, the other players were extremely good sports – although dodgy wheeler-dealer Dean still owes me that £100 consolation he promised backstage!

Highlights video (21 mins)…

My remix tribute to fellow contestant Lynn, who barged off the set after losing…

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