Czech Republic – Travel Tips


  • These ideas only cover the capital, Prague. See the Wikitravel page for the city.
  • Accommodation – As with most of Europe, you can stay in a decent hostel for under £10, though it may increase during peak months. I stayed at the excellent Sir Toby’s Hostel, see or call 283-870-635 when there. Dorms were under 1000Kc and there is a kitchen and a supermarket locally.
  • Top Clubs – The best clubs include Radost FX, Mecca, Sedm Viku, Palac Akropolis and Gejzee R. Most venues open at around 10pm and continue till 4/5am, check Houser magazine or flyers for tips.
  • TV Tower – This lesser known attraction, Televizni Vysilac, offers the highest view of the city. It’s controversial to locals as it’s basically a pole with static, faceless sculptures of babies crawling up and down it. The high speed lifts will take you to the restaurant on top, entrance is 150Kc. It captured my imagination, but it can be difficult to get to.
  • Sedlec Ossuary – If you’ve got a week to burn in Prague, consider leaving the city for the sleepy town of Kutna Hora where you can visit Sedlec Ossuary. Take a 90 minute train from the main station for 65Kc. It is a world heritage site, a church decorated with over 40,000 real skeletons, the centrepiece being a chandelier featuring every bone in the human body. It looks normal from the outside, ask anyone for directions.
  • Torture Museum & Sex Machine Museum – An original way to spend an afternoon and fairly cheap.
  • Communism Museum – Recommended, especially if you’ve any interest in Russia.
  • Other attractions – Charles Bridge and Prague Castle are within walking distance from each other and are probably the city’s main attractions. Vitava River, Obecni Dum and Josefov are also very beautiful and extravagant areas worth exploring. At a push, these could all be done in a day perhaps as part of a tour booked through your hostel.

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