USA – Videography 2009

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0:16 – Philadelphia. A run-in with the Bestboro Baptist Church hate group.
3:52 – Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge black supremacist group.
4:59 – Houston. Lakewood Megachurch.
8:15 – Slideshow.

0:17 – New York: Ground Zero, South Street Seaport, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Wall St, The Trump Building, New York Stock Exchange, Grand Central Station, Times Square, Empire State Building, Ed Sullivan Theater, Flatrion Building.
2:06 – United Nations.
2:41 – Slideshow.
3:30 – Philadelphia: Duck Tour Bus, South Street, Liberty Bell.
4:03 – Philadelphia: Eastern State Penitentiary.
5:10 – Washington DC: The Mall, Washington Monument, National WWII Memorial, Reflecting Pool, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, US Capitol, National Air and Space Museum, The White House.
6:58 – Slideshow.

0:16 – Atlanta, CNN HQ
0:38 – Georgia Aquarium
3:26 – New Orleans
4:01 – Hurricane Katrina Tour
6:13 – Memphis
6:43 – BB King’s Blues Club
8:32 – Slideshow

Adventures – Chicken Suit Bungee


Journal Extract:

…I drove back to Kuta to do my third and final bungee jump on the beach. I’d bought a deluxe package of 3 jumps – a standard jump where the cord is attached at the feet, a ‘spider’ jump with a harness around the waist giving you more freefall freedom and a final jump where you do a run-up on a BMX (the bike is attached to you). In preparation, I’d not eaten for a while and did the biggest poo I could muster to ensure no messy accidents during the escapade…

I’ll be honest – I derived no enjoyment at all from the exercise and literally spent 8 minutes ‘contemplating’ on the edge of the platform during the first jump. By the second one I’d cut my emotional crisis on the edge down to 6 minutes. The crew told me that the longer I wait, the harder it would be – they weren’t wrong and I wish they’d have just pushed me. They say skydives are easier – I have a couple of solo skydives to my credit and agree, at least, that parachute jumps are more abstract – you’re up in the clouds and are generally pushed out! However, here you have a situation where you can see the ground clearly and are being asked carry out an action which your brain reminds you is – in essence – an act of suicide.