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The photos and video below are from the government school I work at here in Hong Kong… but it’s far from typical…

My office is set out like a rainforest, with blue neon lights in the ceiling ‘representing’ sunlight, photographic grass on the floor, a Scandinavian countryside scene on the opposite wall, a wooden mock-up of a windmill and a desk fashioned from a log. Most other rooms in the school are decorated like spaceships – the computer room is set out like the Enterprise with monitors embedded in the desks and the school hall comes complete with twinkling UFOs and rivets on the doors. There’s a full-on TV blue-screen studio on the top floor which broadcasts live to every classroom twice daily, and all the teacher’s desks are pimped with UV lights underneath, microphones and desk video cameras. The multicoloured ‘bad-trip’ which is the library features little green men implanted in the centre of each table.

Fittingly, the school mascot is none other than an oversized flying green horse– a 6-foot version of which dominates the playground. Indeed, the building is not a place you’d want to get lost in whilst on acid.

The problem with its magnificence though, is that the kids are completely jaded to it – whilst I’m scooping my jaw up off the floor at the dazzling effects used in the weekly ‘music video’ broadcast, the kids are utterly uninterested. This means my lessons have to be particularly all-singing-all-dancing, sometimes literally…

Another downside is that – with it’s neon lighting, backlit windows and rampant all-season use of air-con, the building is an environmental disaster. It must easily consume enough energy in a day to power a Chadian village for a year.

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