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PudSoc is an elite group who meet weekly in Leeds to share their culinary skills and critique the work of fellow members. Cooking duties are divided up in accordance with a strict rota and the founding constitution. Membership to this exclusive group is highly sought but rarely ‘dished out’. There are rules.

pudding society

wk1 wk2

Week 1 – Abi’s apple crumble… Week 2 – Mark’s “wall”

wk3 wk4

Week 3 – Ali’s sticky toffee pud… Week 4 – Harriet’s snow cake

wk5 wk6

Week 5 – Pete’s slab… Week 6 – Sam’s pavlova

wk7 wk8

Week 7 – Guy’s “celebrations”… Week 8 – Alex’s lemon surprise

wk9 wk11

Week 9 – Adam’s banoffee pie… Week 12 – Tom’s cheesecake

wk13 wk10

Week 11 – Laura’s bread & butter pudding… Week 13 – Abi’s tiramisu


Week 14 – Christmas special

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