Blog – Proven Wrong by an 8-year-old


Some readers may be familiar the popular nursery rhyme, ‘How Much is that Doggy in the Window’, an important commentary on the economics of the pet trade. In the second stanza, the protagonist insists that canine companionship is superior to all other domesticated animals as she, quote, “can’t take a fish for a walk”.

The following exchange then ensued in my P2 class:

Mr Tom: “So children, why can’t you take a fish for a walk?”
Brian: “It will go to die because it needs water.”
Mr Tom: “Correct, it would die as it needs water.”
Purple: “Mr Tom, you CAN take a fish for a walk.”
Mr Tom: “No, you can’t.”
Purple: “Yes you can, I will show you.”

Yes, her name really is Purple, and here is what she presented me with next day…

purple fish

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