Blog – Notes to My Mother


The Heritage office has been offering students free postcards to anywhere in the world, so I asked the kids if they’d like to write to Mr Tom’s mother.

Here are some of the responses submitted by my 8-year-olds

Fig.1 – Note how Zoe has posed the eternal question of where exactly one gets one’s gracious good looks…

postcard 1

…Yes indeed, why is he so clever and beautiful?!

Fig.2 – Proof that media-scaremongering can infect the mind of a small Chinese child, Vincent was worried that Britain had been overrun with chicken flu…

postcard 2

Fig 3. Kylie ventured into the random and surreal whilst getting something off her chest – her penchant cows…

postcard 3

Fig. 4. An anonymous writer expressed their concern that their English teacher was unloved in this short-yet-slightly-creepy postcard…

postcard 4

Fig 5. Finally, this eloquent and lovely A+ example from school-wide celebrity, Rosemary Lok Sen (who has her own website! )

postcard 5

And here is the video response from my family…

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