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Below are two poems recently performed at our weekly Poetry Night at Joyce’s cafe in Hong Kong. The first is a Peel Street Poets original…

Atheist Poem by Andrew Barker
There is a strange belief that people are nicer
If they pay attention to afterlives.
Mired in the mystical,
Obsessed with death, incapable
Of seeing beauty in this world
Without thinking such beauty was not of this world
Those who find life so foreboding
Need to believe something happens when its over
To make the whole thing worth doing,
Must understand this simple truth
Religion poisons whatever it seeps into.

I believe there is more to life than
Believing there is more than life and
Cannot understand how people can’t see
The accident of geography
That governs their own religious belief.

That afterlife belief you’re so sure is true
Let me guess
Is it the first one you were introduced to?
Or, did you spend time to weigh up the virtues
Of gods and devils from different cultures?

There is such a thing as a burden of proof.
The question is not why others don’t believe,
The question is why you do.

I can be amused by superstitions
But I’ve scant tolerance for Christians.
Their arrogance really tries my patience
Their history of negative hallucinations.
Who believe in a god who gets into fits
If you don’t believe he exists.

A god, who as far as I can see,
Is far less pleasant than me.
In the company of such moral spaniels
You feel like a lion in a den of Daniels.
If you gave me omnipotence
And eternity to work in
You would be a piss-poor show for my exertions.

America was founded based
On the clear separation of Church and State
So how can they take their laws seriously
With twice born Christians running the country?

I lack the arrogance to believe
This world was created for my species
Anti-theists don’t fly planes into buildings
To prove to the world what they don’t believe in.

Yet even they must surely concede
That bronze-age book
Is not a land-deed.
You say that God sees everything you do
God only knows which god is claiming you.

Its mad,
Its theirs,
So let them.
But keep that fucking poison away from my children.

Innocent – Janet O’Neill, March 1996
A child is born, his father beams
Another chance to live his dreams.
A new life now to guide and mold,
He’ll tell the child what he’s been told.
An intellect to quickly seize.
Embrace the faith while reason flees.
So much of life spent on your knees.
So much of life spent on your knees.

Baptise this innocent with tricks
Of sacrifice and crucifix.
Whispered prayers and chanted psalm
Deliver fear and guilt with calm.
Beyond nonsense of ritual
Words tempt of heaven, threaten hell.
Reality is hard to sell.
Realitys so hard to sell.

Truth is harder still to find.
To keep the faith you close the mind!
And faith, not intellect, is chief
When minds are frozen in belief.
Smear the ashes on the brow
Starve, but feed the sacred cow.
Torah, Koran, Bible scribes
Recite the dusty diatribes,
Recite, recite the diatribes.

Quote endless scripture, Pray the beads,
Worship countless deities,
Proclaiming love dispense the hate,
Banish; excommunicate!
Scorn the man whom reason rules,
Congregate with holy fools.
Celebrate all martyrdom.
Capture minds while they’re still young,
Be sure to get them when they’re young.

Cathedrals vaulted ceilings high
Regally dress up the lie.
Burn the incense, sing and sway
Superstition saves the day!
Ring the bells and genuflect
Dance with snakes around your neck.

Wail at the wall, bow to the east!
Ignorance is a senseless beast.
Shout fire and brimstone, heaven and hell,
But fear the individual,
Fear most the individual.

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