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PudSoc is an elite group who meet weekly in Leeds to share their culinary skills and critique the work of fellow members. Cooking duties are divided up in accordance with a strict rota and the founding constitution. Click here for a showcase of our recent accomplishments.

Yesterday, I received the following email from a Ms Morton at ITV London…


pud soc email1 – click to view

Dear Tom,

I discovered your website from the Pudding Society page. I am currently researching a new cookery programme for ITV called ‘Britain’s Best Dish’ and we are looking for amateur chefs to take part. I would be very interested in hearing from you and members of the pudding society as potential amateur chefs who would be interested in getting involved with the programme. I have attached a flyer with some information about the show and a contributor profile which you can forward to friends or fill out and send back to me if you are interested yourself!

It’s a national cookery competition with big cash prizes for the winners and it’s going to be a big and exciting production. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Caroline Morris


PudSoc’s response

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Dear Ms Morris,

Though we are flattered to receive your recent communication regarding ITV’s ‘Britain’s Best Dish’ programme, we – as an elite and exclusive gastronomic association – would have little choice but to decline your kind invite.

Pudding Society is a prestigious and select organisation comprised of a tight-knit clique of “desert artists”. Thus, we feel it would be inappropriate to associate ourselves with a commercial broadcaster such as yourselves.

Whilst “Pete’s Choco Slab” and “Alex’s Lemon Surprise” are undoubtedly culinary masterpieces which indeed merit national recognition, we do not feel Britain’s ignorant cooking masses are yet equipped to experience such a refined and distinguished palate.

Furthermore, the proposed ‘quiz show’ encompasses starters, main courses and puddings – whilst our privileged faction deals solely with desert and desert-related dishes – we would rather not mix with these disagreeable ‘starters’ and ‘main course’ types.

Finally, the committee, in carefully considering your proposal, expressed concern with regards to the qualifications of those expected to judge our fine creative efforts – concluding that we would prefer to articulate our pudding predilections and judgement privately, within our restricted elite circle.

We can certainly understand that failing to secure the culinary (strawberries and) cream of the crop will be undeniably disappointing but, ultimately, the proof is in the pudding and we do not ‘dish out’ TV appearances – only exceedingly good cakes and deserts.

Yours truly,

T.Grundy BA
Public relations and multi-media coordinator.

ITV’s response

Dear Tom,

Thank you for your charming and articulate reply on behalf of The Pudding Society. I completely understand and respect the Society’s judgement in this matter. May I wish you many years of elite syrupy joy in your dessertful endeavours.

Kind regards,
Caroline, ITV.

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