Activism – Letter in The Standard


Printed in today’s Standard with regards to the Guangzhou Rail Link protests.

“It was most exasperating to be amongst the vast majority of peaceful protesters, who sat for hours and days outside LEGCO earlier this month, only to see the scene depicted as a war-zone by the local media. At no point were there more than a dozen demonstrators resisting and pushing police lines. As usual, they were surrounded and outnumbered by photographers, with sharpened elbows, eager to capture the most sensational angle. Most concerned citizens who turned up had been busy chanting, watching live LEGCO footage and sharing ideas and food, yet the focus is permanently on a few anomalous seconds of supposed ‘violence’.

Almost as frustrating was Tsang’s clueless response to the Rail Link dissenters. Somehow he believes that the real issue was the government’s failure to engage us young people though Facebook and Twitter. Our so-called representatives are dreaming if they think that the same old message published through new technology will have any more impact. Perhaps until we are finally deemed mature enough for full democracy; the government would be wise to do less talking and more listening.”

The Standard 1.2.10 – click to enlarge.

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