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Heroes and villains

Back in the mid-eighties, prompted by this news report, multi-millionaire Bob Geldof organised a global musical event called Live Aid to raise money for the ongoing famine in the Horn of Africa. An accompanying festive single was released entitled “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” in aid of Muslim Ethiopia. The world was transfixed and the crusade raised £150m.

However, in 1991, famine scholar Alex de Waal argued that the “humanitarian effort prolonged the war, and with it, human suffering.” Aid was routed via the communist military junta (the Derg), led by Mengistu Haile Mariam, who were also fighting a war in the north – a conflict that part caused the famine. The war was thereby extended by 6 years with Médecins Sans Frontières estimating that the aid may have led to as many deaths as there were lives saved.

During the years that followed, reforms changed how aid was distributed in crisis zones and there were also lasting changes in how such tragedies were covered by the news media. The BBC’s Adam Curtis noted how the complexity and grey areas surrounding the use of aid money was underreported. It was a story that did not conform to a simple, good vs. evil cold war narrative. After the equally complex Rwandan genocide in 1994, modern news effectively stopped analysing political struggles and instead reported only on their often bloody outcomes, without context.

Blog – International Pillow Fight Day 2012, Hong Kong

Standby to unleash your feathery fury! Feel the fervour of cushony rage!… This year’s Pillow Fight Day will take place on March 31st in Statue Square, Central (near Central MTR exit K). Join the event on Facebook. [Suported by]

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  • Bring your own pillow with case (no feathers!). Please take it easy.
  • No swinging at people without pillows or with cameras.
  • Extra points for hilarious costumes. PYJAMAS AT LEAST!
  • Wait until the signal to begin.
  • Please be a good citizen: bring a trash bag & help clean up afterwards!

Click here for details and coverage of the 2011 event.


I am not the ‘organiser’, everyone is the organiser!
I am not responsible for anyone’s safety.
Press/media are attending – you agree to be filmed by participating