Activism – 24-hr Anonymous Guerrilla Art Installation

This weekend, Christina and I smuggled a protest banner we’d used at the HK Stock Exchange into a government-sponsored art exhibition in Central. Our ‘re-contextualised guerrilla art installation’ was inspired by a 2005 Banksy stunt and Mark Wallinger’s 2007 recreation of Brian Haw’s anti-war placards at The Tate.

Last week, China Gold International (2099/ TSX: CGG) floated on the Hang Seng. Protests accompanied the Canada-based/China-owned company’s simultaneous HK$2.4 billion ($309 million) IPO on the Toronto exchange too. Since 2009, Tibetans near the GGI Gyama copper mine have protested water contamination, pollution and forced settlement of nomads. Two farmers, Sonam Rinchen and Thupten Yeshi were tortured and sentenced for up to 15 years in prison for demonstrating. Richen died as a result of repeated torture. More info here / our press release.

An 'unofficial' art installation at HK's annual 'Detour' festival, held at a disused prison.

Our peaceful Friday mini-demo attracted clothed and undercover officers, a paddywagon and a police cameraman – the police-to-protester ratio was about 10:1 (at excessive cost to the taxpayer, no doubt). We draped a banner across a busy road bridge and attempted to enter the Stock Exchange, but it wasn’t until we retrieved Tracey the mannequin (my most loyal housemate) and installed it as ‘artwork’ did it have a big impact. Appropriately, the exhibition venue was an old prison which closed in 2005…