Brunei Darussalam – Travelogue


Journal Extract

“…I flew into Borneo direct from Bali. It was good to be back on Malaysian soil where things are a little more developed and go a little more smoothly than in Indonesia. Street lighting, an absence of nagging touts and huge craters in the pavement, hot running water, internet which works and internet cafes that aren’t split into convenient ‘masturbation booths’ (I’m not kidding – this is the set-up in Jakarta – and the fella running the place goes in with air freshener afterwards. True story.) Despite the relative comforts, you still have to go to Brunei before zebra crossings hold any authority and the toilets can handle toilet paper. I almost peed a little with delight when a car actually stopped at a crossing in Brunei – I thought it was coincidence at first, but he actually ushered me across with his hand and a smile. I also managed to hitch-hike without even holding out my thumb, such was the amicable nature of the locals.