Blog – John Bunnell Appreciation


Pun master Sheriff John Bunnnell is the reason I’m alive today. The wisdom, the knowledge, the teeth! With his foxy silver hair, awesome wit, finely-tuned melodramatics and his blatant overuse of jail/prison puns and aliteration – Sheriff Bunnell is nothing short of a comedy legend.

Presenter of uber-cheap-and-tacky ‘World’s Wildest Police Videos’ – Bunnell has taken on a cult status amongst students comparable only to David Dickenson and the late Richard Whitely.

Most continuity scenes consist of John parading through an active crime scene, throwing paramedics, fellow cops and corpses out of the way to give us invaluable insights into crime-fighting. Gratuitously littering his subsequent sensationalist voice-over with wisecracks and one-liners, the pseudo-cop sums up with a clich├ęd summary at the end of each clip, concluding with a standard quip at the end.

My dream, one day, is to have John do a running DVD-style commentary on my life – I just hope to God he speaks like that in real life. In the meantime, check out this collection of memorable quotes…


* For the criminals, cash is for taking, cars are for chasing and law is for breaking

Blog – Pudding Society


PudSoc is an elite group who meet weekly in Leeds to share their culinary skills and critique the work of fellow members. Cooking duties are divided up in accordance with a strict rota and the founding constitution. Membership to this exclusive group is highly sought but rarely ‘dished out’. There are rules.

pudding society

wk1 wk2

Week 1 – Abi’s apple crumble… Week 2 – Mark’s “wall”

wk3 wk4

Week 3 – Ali’s sticky toffee pud… Week 4 – Harriet’s snow cake

wk5 wk6

Week 5 – Pete’s slab… Week 6 – Sam’s pavlova

wk7 wk8

Week 7 – Guy’s “celebrations”… Week 8 – Alex’s lemon surprise

wk9 wk11

Week 9 – Adam’s banoffee pie… Week 12 – Tom’s cheesecake

wk13 wk10

Week 11 – Laura’s bread & butter pudding… Week 13 – Abi’s tiramisu


Week 14 – Christmas special