Adventures – Stroking Tigers


The Tiger Temple, or Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua, is a Buddhist temple in Kanchanaburi province, Thailand – it is said to be a sanctuary for several tame tigers, which apparently walk around freely every day and can be petted by tourists.

Since visiting the Tiger Temple in 2006, a 2-year investigation by ‘Care for the Wild International’ revealed disturbing evidence of animal abuse and illegal trafficking at the Tiger Temple. Click here for the report.

“The Temple’s popularity is based around claims that its tigers were rescued from poachers and move freely and peacefully amongst the temple’s monks, who are actively engaged in conservation work. But this utopian façade hides a sinister reality of unbridled violence and illegal trafficking of tigers between Thailand and Laos.” – CWIs Chief Executive Dr Barbara Maas.

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Thailand – Travel Tips


  • See the Thailand Wikitravel page
  • If you arrive in the middle of the night at Bangkok airport and the buses have finished, negotiate for a taxi – 400-500baht is reasonable, there may be road tolls too. When asked by the taxi driver, it’s worth claiming this is your ‘second or third’ visit to the country – see above for more safety/scams tips.
  • Bangkok – See the Grand Palace, the huge Chatunchak weekend Market, Kao San area, Reclining Buddha monastery, Siam Square and its luxury cinemas, and the night markets. You may wish to avoid the dodgy sex shows/’ping pong’ shows – as working conditions for the girls are as dire as you imagine. See above regarding Kao San Road – it is cheaper to stay just off Kao San itself, Rambuttri is a great option (asked to be dropped off by the police station). The Kao San market is bigger, busier and cheaper at night.