Laos – Travel Tips


  • See the Laos Wikitravel Page
  • Hardcore bargaining is not necessary in Laos and may cause embarrassment. Decent medical facilities are near non-existent in Laos, you’d need to go to Thailand.
  • The local currency ‘kip’ is used for cheaper items, ‘Thai Baht’ for more expensive things and US dollars are the top tier currency. It’s best to travel with a stash of all three, but try and support the local currency, you’d be doing a favour to the economy.
  • Vang Vieng – Backpacker slum, all your guidebook says about it is true, it’s a Westerner’s party town and little else, go ‘inner-tubing’ on the river.
  • Luang Prabang – Gorgeous place, adventure sports available, see the waterfalls and beautiful temples – some of the best tourist tat for sale here at great prices. Do your shopping here; they have some lovely handmade things on sale.
  • Vientiane – Great food, a sleepy riverside capital, check out the museums and temples, perhaps hire a scooter.
  • Savannakhet – Last stop before Vietnam, a very chilled out riverside town with amazing crumbling French colonial architecture. See the Dinosaur Museum and temples.

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Blog – Ginger Facts


Aside from guaranteed beatings at school and an inability to tan, being ginger is actually pretty special – in fact, just 1-2% of the world are red heads…

*Redheads have thick hair, but the least number of hairs per head, at an average of 90,000. The overall average is 100,000.

*People with red hair are more susceptible to pain, according to doctors. Research carried out in the US suggested that redheads need 20% more anaesthesia than people with other hair colour. [BBC story]

*Redheads “are deemed to be the emotional slaves of our colouring as no other group,” wrote redheaded Nicola Tyrer in the Daily Telegraph.

*Common redhead stereotypes are: bad temper, sexual fire, untrustworthy, being smart and eccentric.
* Scotland has the highest proportion of redheads in the world as 13 percent of the population has red hair and approximately 40 percent carries the recessive redhead gene.

*A recent DNA study has concluded that some Neanderthals had red hair, although the mutation responsible for this differs from that which causes red hair in Homo Sapiens.

*Harvard dermatologist Madhu Pathak calls redheads “three-time losers” because their red pigment is an inadequate filter of sunlight and their skin is more susceptible to sunburn, skin cancer and wrinkling with age.