Activism – WTO Protests, Hong Kong


My activist alter-ego, the ‘Chicken of Justice’ spent the month leading up to the WTO meeting leafleting around Hong Kong in a chicken suit (blissfully unaware that, in Chinese culture, a chicken represents ‘prostitute’). My actions caused quite ‘a flap’ and led to radio interviews, some TV “appearances” and a quote on the news wires.

activism - WTO Tom in Ming Pao Sing Pao and Ming Pao – click to view

activism - WTO4 activism - WTO5 – Apple Daily and East Touch Magazine, click to view

activism - WTO3 – Apple Daily

Media Hyping…

During the WTO protests, the Hong Kong media reported rumours of mass gas mask purchasing, suicide protests and alleged stolen uniforms. ATV referred to scuffling activists as ‘militants’ and the protest area as a ‘war zone’, whilst TVB used stock footage of violence from previous protests to promote their coverage.

Reporters ignored where most protestors were assembled (by the harbour) and TVB dramatically went live with the reporter donning a crash helmet in front of the riot police. However, she only wore the helmet during the live shot, as apparently instructed by the control room to do – the rest of the crew wore no protection.