Quiz Shows – Tom on The Weakest Link


A year after applying, yours truly became a contestant on The Weakest Link on June 22nd 2004. The show was broadcast on December 8th of the same year.

Highlights video…

My questions…

  • In history, what Z is the name of an African people who were led in the 19th Century by a chief called Shaka?
  • What word follows ‘Cross’ and ‘Long’ to give the names of two weapons that fire bolts and arrows respectively?
  • In British publishing, the journal known by its abbreviation T.E.S. is aimed at members of which professions? Education or accountancy?
  • In a UK pub, a person ordering half a lager is requesting a half of which measure?

My experience…

After getting through all the auditions (see below), the BBC paid for my transport to London and put me up in the plush Sheraton Heathrow hotel in sunny Slough. Here, by randomly asking ‘contestant-looking’ strangers, I hunted down Keith (who went on to win) and Susan. The others joined us the following morning for our lift to Pinewood Studios where Jonny Depp was filming his latest movie. Keith, Erika, Susan, Richard, Trevor, Andy, Eileen and Debbie came from all across the country and were all real characters. We were guided through the rules, had a practice round, had our outfits approved (no stripes, logos, dark colours etc…) and each took it in turns to have our makeup and microphones sorted.